collage artist

︎ Efringen-Kirchen / Germany
april 08, 2020

Could you please introduce yourself a little?

I'm Philipp Eichhorn alias 13MIXEDMODES, 37, born in Thuringia. I live and work near Basel in the beautiful border are of France, Switzerland and Germany.

The pseudonym "13MIXEDMODES" comes from my grandfather's amateur radio. (The mixed mode enables switching between analogue radio & digital radio)

How long have you been creating art? Do you do other things besides collages?

I have been creating art in the form of collages since 2014. I also like to take photographs.

How would you describe your style in your own words?

I experiment with ironic and often unrecognizable images, but also with clear structures and elements. My work is the investigation of unexpected representations that result from the combination of fragmented materials through collage. I love playing with contrasts and colours. I always push my collages as far as I can so that they “flash” me in a certain way.

On your website you say that a lot of your work was created in connection with electronic music. Can you elaborate on that?

I grew up with techno at the end of the 90s, and have been in love with electronic music ever since. Whenever I work in my studio, various sets of elctro usually run in the background, which gives me a special input.

Digital or analog?

Only analog!

I really like how you use colour and contrast. Is that a conscious choice? Or a result of the materials that are available to you? Which of course is a choice in itself...

Colours and contrasts are some of my specialities. These attributes in certain combinations are what satisfies me the most. So yes, it is a conscious choice.

Would you describe yourself as a generally nostalgic person, or is your preference for old photos a purely aesthetic preference?

Both. First and foremost, I prefer materials, i.e. papers, from the 50s to 70s because they are very robust, do not shine, and have great properties when used with glue. I also like the colours from that time. Those old colours are hard to find in modern materials. Today’s paper is no longer real paper. It immediately curls when it comes into contact with glue. Therefore I choose older paper very consciously, mostly if not entirely for technical reasons. Of course it is also fun as someone who is interested in history to preserve those papers from the past (with all their imprints, motifs, etc.) and to use them to capture and express your own time.

Many of your works are relatively minimalistic and consist of only a few elements. This way of working can be more difficult than using a large number of components. How long do you work on average on a collage? Or are you working on several at the same time?

Yes, I sometimes choose a minimalist approach, but sometimes my work is overloaded. Depends on my mood. There are collages that are done in 20 minutes. Others in two hours. And some I work on only sporadically. I keep them around, and little by little I add something, or correct what I already have. Sometimes I work on only one collage, sometimes it’s several at the same time.

Do you have any new projects that you are currently working on? Plans or wishes for the future?

I always start new projects or take part in collaborations with other artists. I like to experiment with different formats etc.

Otherwise, I just allow myself to work without focusing on precise goals. After all, I have a regular job that pays the bills. Art is not always my top priority.

That said, I would like to have an exhibition at some point.

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interview: Petra Zehner