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collage workshop with JOIN THE DOTS


april 28, 2019

JOIN THE DOTS is teaming up with its talented contributors and partners to put together a series of monthly taster sessions in various artistic fields at SHAKESPEARE & COMPANY. These workshops aim to offer the expat community in Paris the opportunity to try their hand at different types of creative pursuits. They will be hosting workshops on illustration, collage, stop motion video, and even tarot! Their workshops are open to everyone but there are limited spaces so please be sure to reserve your spot to avoid disappointment. JOIN THE DOTS is charging a nominal fee for participation to help raise money for the charity they support, THE ABBÉ PIERRE FOUNDATION .

This month, it was our turn to host a collage workshop, and here, without further ado, are some of the pieces created.

Exercise 01: create a collage made of three visual elements - 15 minutes Exercise 02: collage chain - choose and place one visual element and hand your postcard to the next person in your group who will add another visual element... - 30 minutes
[collages created on A6 postcards - no scissors]