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dream big


︎ Wellington, New Zealand
november 22, 2021

“A photo of a hand-cranked concrete mixer from the 1930s. It was chosen as one of five photographs from Te Papa’s collection for Paris Collage Collective members to collage into new images that speak of surrealist dreams.

Without planning it that way, the concrete mixer turned out to be nicely suggestive. Throw some images into it, churn it around, and see what comes out. The result may not seem to make sense, but maybe it does.

Is this how dreams themselves are formed? When we sleep, do neurons ping unprocessed images and experiences around the brain? And does the unconscious then assemble and juxtapose these fragments via opaque rules into the short sequences that seem so potentially meaningful yet baffling to the waking mind?

The collage artist shows us what, for the surrealists, a higher level reality (the sur-real) looks like. It’s a place where everyday rational thinking has to be abandoned for the fantastical logic of the dream.”

Athol McCredie
Curator Photography
Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa


Surrealist Dreams Museum of New Zealand showcase

“Almost 600 people submitted an entry. Paris Collage Collective chose 70 which will feature in a book that they’re publishing. Athol also chose his favourites, which we’ve put together as a slideshow below.”

‘It is a very accessible artform’: Talking collage with Paris Collage Collective

“In light of our recent collaboration, Petra Zehner from Paris Collage Collective talks to Senior Digital Editor Daniel Crichton-Rouse.”

Surrealist Dreams Finalist

“There were so many beautiful submissions – almost 600, thank you so much – that we ended up choosing 70 artists (instead of the 50 initially planned) to be shown here on our website and to be included in the print publication. “

Surrealist Dreams Open Call

“Paris Collage Collective is happy to announce an open call in collaboration with the Museum of New Zealand/Te Papa Tongarewa.”