York, United Kingdom

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I am a Digital Photomontage Artist based in York, UK. My love of collage and image making is an absolute food of life.  I am lost without it.   I collect imagery all the time, be it photographs, old magazines, items for scanning or just the act of seeing something and being inspired.  I collect 19th century photographs as this is where my style lies, I love the old CDV's, tintype plates and daguerreotypes.  I am predominantly a digital artist, but most of my work begins in a sketch book.


Adele studied for her B. A. (Hons) Degree in Textile Art at Winchester School of Art. After a short spell working for an interior magazine in London, travel and adventure were calling. From working in New Zealand, Chalet hosting in France, circling the world on cruise ships and living in Poland she finally settled down in the historic city of York. Working from her garden studio, a unique structure designed and built by her husband, Adele is mostly self-taught in the digital field although she has completed a course in Desk Top Publishing, Photoshop and also has a diploma in Children's book illustration where she was awarded a distinction. It was after this that she turned to using her camera and Photoshop creatively.

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