PCC is self-funded and non-profit. if you want to become a supporting member however, and help us keep PCC running, feel free to join our artist directory1.

for a one time fixed fee [not yearly or recurring], we will publish:

  • 3-5 images of your choice
  • your name and/or pseudonym
  • your city and/or country of residence
  • a link to your website/portfolio
  • a resonable number of social media links [something like three, but we could be convinced to make it four]
  • arist bio
  • artist statement

if you are interested in joining our artist directory or if you have any questions, please get in touch here ︎


1your donations and artist directory fees will be used to pay for the upkeep of our website - web hosting, domain name service, newsletter fees, etc... - and to keep PCC and all its activities running. 2if this seems like a lot, please keep in mind that both PayPal and the French government are taking their cuts, something like 5% and 22% respectively, plus fees... just saying...


PCC will never ever under any circumstances take payments to showcase an artist and their work, so don’t bother trying. there are no extras. no social media features. no artist promotions. nothing. nada. nix. you want to make it into [onto?] our Instagram feed? join the challenge!!! or use our general hashtag and hope for the best. making a donation or becoming a supporting member, even though very, very much appreciated, will not get you any preferential treatment either.

if you like what we do
buy us a coffee or join our artist directory

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