Agnieszka Zając

Plymoth, UK



I specialise in mixed media surreal analogue art - paper is my medium and collage is my habitat ,my safe space. Working with hands, layering and cutting paper is very therapeutic for me - when I make collage, I simply meditate, kind of disappear. Collage helped me to go through some difficult and challenging moments in my life, it has always been the best medicine, tonic for easing anxiety and worries. It helped me to find balance -  I know that many artists can relate to that.

I love working with found photography, this medium is very precious to me –  it helps me to find connections with past and present, creates a special link with my childhood and memories filled with magic and nostalgia, things that made me who I am now - they are my roots.

The key themes in my artwork are absence, solitude, love and femininity but most of all - lost and forgotten identity. I have strong connection with nature and I am quite lone person, you will find that in my artwork, especially in the "Meditation Series"

I sometimes make art based on traces of my dreams – I find subconscious psychology quite inspiring and powerful, I am also driven by feelings and emotions, by constant study of the human soul and vulnerability that comes with it

I am humanist - it defines and inspires my work


I am Polish-born artist based in Plymouth, UK

After studying Visual Art, Interiors Design, Humanities and Art Therapy I moved to England where I have been living and working since 2005

I work from my home studio which is always buried in paper, old books, vintage magazines and photographs, worn out cabinet cards and boxes filled with retro postcards. I collect vintage and unusual imagery all the time, I call it treasure hunt - it gives me real buzz, an ultimate happiness
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