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Alessandra De Giosa, born in Bari on 11/24/1963

Always brought to drawing, as a self-taught she began her pictorial experimentation in 1983.

A good basis for technical and perspective drawing was acquired during the attendance of the scientific high school from 2018 to today she works with collage technique, she is passionate about collage inspired by the study of the great Dadaist artist Hannah Höch. Connects to the collage community on Instagram through: @collagecommunity, @pariscollagecollecctive, @edinburghcollagecollective, @kolajmagazine, @mujerquecortanypegan

First exhibition realized in a collective at the pro loco of Bitritto (BA), in 1986.

Participation in two consecutive editions of the painting contest in the same year, called "Pendio" in Corato with insertion in the respective catalogs.

In 2000, after graduating in literature, she exhibited in a group exhibition at the cultural association "the Centaur".

In 2001 at the "Centauro" - multimedia site - she took part in another collective exhibition from 18 to 28 July at Monompoli Bari Italy.

In December 2003, she exhibited at the cultural association "Artemisia" in via Quintino Sella located in Bari Italy (now unfortunately closed).

In 2004 she created a personal exhibition at the pro loco of Conversano in the province of Bari, Puglia, Italy, paired with a watercolorist from 4 September to 15 called "Colori in Libertà".

From April 18 to 24, 2009 participation in the Art Festival "A SPARK THAT TURNS ON THE UNIVERSE V EDITION" Organized by the cultural center Teseo in Bari Italy.

Review and presentation of the painter Scarpati Renato at the collective exhibition held at the multimediele shipyard the Centaur.

Luigi Barone's review of the "Giornale di Eboli" of March April 2008.

Review of Massimiliano Grasso in the Agendartestudio virtual gallery in 2009.

On 8 and 9 April she participates in the traveling exhibition "OutsiderArt" curated by Professor Daniela Rosi director of the National Observatory of the Academy of Fine Arts in Verona.

In 2011 on the penultimate weekend of August she participated in the group exhibition in the street dedicated to the artists in Trani Italy: Via Mario Pagano, the event is organized by the Arsensum cultural association.

In 2012 she took part in a collective exhibition as part of the event: A SPARK THAT TURNS ON THE UNIVERSE VI EDITION The event, which is a tribute to WOMEN, consists of 3 exhibitions and a poetic event The event is entitled: The complex of Michelangelo ... or Artemisia. Path on the artistic production of contemporary authors.

In 2014 she took part in the collective exhibition "Naturartificio" which was inaugurated on 11 October.

It is closed on 8 November, at Flow Art Studio via Montefiorino Reggio Emilia.

From 20/12/2014 to 18/01/2015 at the NEW MODE GALLERY via San Zenone, 1 / B participates in collective exhibition "IN SOUND AND IN COLOR".

She participates 28 March 18 April 2015 with new mode arte gallery traveling exhibition "EXPRESSION AND FEELING".

Takes part in the carrousel du louvre salon art shopping.

Salon Art Shopping 13 et 14 juin 2015 au Carrousel du Louvre.

Takes part in Contemporary Art Exibition "Abstract and Informal" - 2-15 July 2015 - Isola di Albarella.

Participate from August 31 to September 5 in the international exhibition "Metamorphosis" at the Torre delle arti; Torrione Angioino Bitonto Bari Italy.

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