Brussels, Belgium


I was born behind the Iron Curtain in Germany. Now I am living on the surreal shores of Belgium. I studied printmaking in Germany (Berlin, Magdeburg) and Ireland. After producing for many years limited edition prints in all forms, I stopped for a few years my art production and travelled the world extensively. Now I have moved my area of interest to collages and paintings.

I like to see myself as a kind of surrealist artist in the tradition of Leonor Fini, Eileen Agar and the likes. Probably slightly old-fashioned. My collages are a juxtaposition of elements, images and objects incoherent to each other, thereby exercising a de-contextualising form of violence on language and image alike. They contain a kind of strangeness, a disturbing element disquieting the spectator/reader who is confronted to a series of elements taken from one's everyday life which, being put one next to each other, provoke, suddenly, an incoherent situation, a source of obscurity and vagueness.

Time, the various cultural influences of the placed I travelled to and a Babel-like plethora of different languages are recurring aspects of my work. The collages combine found material, ranging from colourful images from art and fashion magazines to newspaper cut-outs I collected during the various journeys worldwide. The collages tell stories, often influenced by the current news, but also often containing an autobiographical element. Working with text and images I like to encourage the viewer to oscillate between reading and looking. It is about reusing, recycling and re-contextualising the overabundance of images and information we can choose from.

Some solo exhibitions:
Gallery Kaire-Desine, Vilnius (LT), 2005
Gallery Meno, Cultural Centre Jonava (LT) , 2005
Musée de l’Art Spontané, Brussels (BE), 2008
Gallery 89, London (UK), 2010
Kunstwerkstatt, Magdeburg (DE), 2010 and 2013
Gallery ORT, Birmingham (UK), 2012
Cultural Centre, Minden (DE), 2014

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