Minsk, Belarus

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In my collage artworks I try to capture people’s emotions, their movements, their physical location in space and position in time.  

Some of the elements used in the collages can be seen more often than others. I try to illustrate volumetric effects using the system of perspective, architectural elements as arches, that embody and symbolize many things: strength and support, lightness and openness within density, signify a period of transition – a passage from where one moves to another place; Stairs associate with journey, progress, and growth, and not just in terms of the physical act, but also in terms of the emotional and spiritual connotations. The pictures of hands represent the “tool of tools.” In general, it’s power and protection. However, it can just as easily mean generosity, hospitality and stability. I also prone to use pictures of flowers that symbolize beauty, love, anticipation and hope.

To me collage is not just about combining different pictures all together, it’s very similar to meditation. In this process you let your inner world become visible to others. That’s a very intimate approach and it is also, in my opinion, a reflection of pure magic.


I’m a Belarusian collage artist and graphic designer. I make analog and digital collages for restaurants and cafés, fashion brands, beauty and travel bloggers. 

Currently I’m focusing on learning motion animation, graphics and typography. I truly believe that new skills will help me to move to the next level and catch up new job opportunities.
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