London, UK & New York City, USA



As a mixed-media artist, Emily Marbach's work emerges from layers of collage, paint, illustration and natural elements to create beautiful, chromatic, human landscapes from both the exterior and interior of experience. Her pallet reflects the subdued British light. She focuses on colour line and form to achieve a clear mood in her depictions of the countryside.

Emily’s collaged landscapes, have an emotive and geographically routed feel. They are collaged with figures, structures and the occasional animal. The people are caught in the spaces before or after important conversations. They've often left urban environments to find solace or anonymity in the countryside to converse, squabble and scheme. The land and seascapes, rendered in pencil, pastels and acrylic inks and paint are immensely autobiographical as they are inspired by her native New England, the coasts of Long Island and rural Britain which has been her home for the past 24 years. 

Recently, she has been mainly concentrating on traditional collage that she pairs with her prints.

Emily Marbach is inspired by many artists including Matisse, Peter Doig, Ben McCloughlin, Sara Fanelli, Tom Hammick, Hannah Hoch and most of the 15th Century Flemish painters.


Emily Marbach is an American figurative artist living in London. Most notably she has exhibited and sold paintings at The Royal Academy Summer Exhibitions for two summers running. Her work was exhibited with the shortlisted winners of the Ashurst Prize in May 2016. Most recently her latest prints were exhibited at POSK Gallery as part of the Impressions exhibition. For the past two years Emily has had a pair of pictures in the Friends of Holland Park annual exhibition, one won a prize. In 2018, one of her collages appeared in a group exhibition in Gainsville, Georgia and another in Kent, Ohio through the National Collage Society. Recently, she took part in a group show with the Notting Hill Artists Association and in August 2015 at a pop-up gallery in Aldeburgh, Suffolk. Her work was part of a group show at Long and Ryle Gallery in London in February 2013, The Tabernacle in Notting Hill Gate in May 2013 and in Burgh House, Hampstead, in the spring of 2011. Her work appears in several online galleries such as The Saatchi Gallery, as well as Instagram and Tumblr.

Emily has not had lengthy traditional art training, having come to art at the beginning of the millennium. But she has studied for four years at Amberly Road with London artist Kitty Stirling who emphasises the importance of colour, line and tone in her teaching as well as the City Lit and the Prince's Drawing School. Emily began painting portraits of people and animals in vivid oil on canvas and board. She then fell in love with acrylic inks on paper. Most recently she has been pursuing collage which she is also combining with her printmaking. She prints at Kite Studios, London. She creates at her home studio in Notting Hill.
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