Barcelona, Spain



The expressive richness of collage opens a way to build compositions with the added value of the previous personality of the materials. This forces to treat them with more respect, and use their previous life to re-signify it. In addition, these pieces brings their “past” that is still alive which is very usefull to describe the unconscious, an area that always seemed fundamental to me.

My illustrations start in very different ways, the spark sometimes appears by finding a theme to explore in a photo or old advertisement, and it is like pulling the thread, rehearsing and making mistakes is how compositions arise, sometimes more powerful other times less, but always the prize is the path that must be traveled and the consequence of that journey is the artwork.


Born in Montevideo, Uruguay in the 70's, my interest for illustration and cinema (specially animation) began early. I spent time drawing and creating worlds inspired by comics and disco covers. Later, when I dedicated myself professionally to graphic design, the search continued, and it was at the beginning of the 2000’s, when I settled in Spain, that parallel to my work as a designer, I began to explore digital collage and animated collage.

Currently I prepare my collages and videos inspired by the library of memory and contemporary urban art, travel is an inexhaustible source of inspiration, I use my own photos and textures and also old images free of restrictions as raw material.

I collaborate with musicians on visuals and illustrations. My work is posted on my website and instagram.
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