Naarm, Melbourne, Australia


Jordan Wood's work traverses the spaces between histories and fictions, artefacts and the discarded, what we choose to conceal and decide to expose. Using ceramics, collage, sculpture and installation, she distorts cultural collateral to distort contemporary hierarchies attached to objects, knowledge and space. Magazines and museums, retail spaces and universities employ a diverse range of mechanisms to present outputs of ideas and objects, ready for the play. These environments, ‘unnatural’ yet caught in cycles of destruction and growth, offer abundant resources to ruminate and reassemble in an attempt to make new understandings.

Wood completed a Bachelor of Fine Art (Honours) at the Victorian College of the Arts in 2007. Her works have been widely exhibited, including group exhibitions As Long as the Night is Dark at [MARS] Gallery and Wagga Wagga Regional Gallery (2017), Horror Show at Strange Neighbour and Gippsland Art Gallery (2015) and solo exhibitions Twofold at Tinning Street Presents (2019), The Dark Passenger at Gippsland Art Gallery (2016), Flat Space at Rubicon Gallery (2015) and Atrophia at West Space (2012).

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