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Paris, France



I started doing collages with my father when I was a kid. We used to spread out all the magazines we found on the floor and challenged ourselves to make something with the images we found. All my collages are still analog, sourcing from magazines, working with scissors, paper and glue. Each time I start a collage, I am unsure whether something will emerge, but I always end up matching color schemes and patterns, that suit my aesthetics. I'm really sensitive to the combination of colors and I put a lot of thought in the process of framing the collage when it needs to be exposed. Creating collages is a kind of meditation for me, I don't think about anything else and I can spend hours cutting, assembling and testing until I'm satisfied with the result. These days my cat is always around me when I am working.


I was born in France, have lived in Copenhagen and Bucharest, and I am currently based in Paris. Visual arts; photography, cinema, comics, painting have always attracted me. Besides making collages, I also do analog photography and graphic design for various projects.

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