Shropshire, UK



The thing I love the most about collage is that each piece is a journey where the destination is unknown until it is finally arrived at. My role is to follow the path and make decisions at each turning or crossroads. Often, the placing of one element, colour or brushstroke will dictate the direction of the piece and its ultimate meaning. Randomness and chance play a large part in the creative process as does my mood on the day. Some pics are calmer and more ordered, others are more abstract and are driven by emotion and feeling.

I’m always surprised and intrigued by what emerges. My goal is to create images that can be viewed on different levels, where the interpretation is left to the viewer. I also strive to produce images that are able to withstand multiple viewings - revealing elements, patterns and textures over time.


Hello… I’m an artist, photographer and designer based in the UK. I’m also the creator of a one-man independent magazine, Elsie - a creative magazine that takes in a personal perspective on design, photography, typography and found stuff. In 2021, I’ll be launching Elsie as an online magazine with a regular feature on collage artists from around the world.

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