Miami, Florida, USA



Since my youth I have been passionate about the fine arts, especially theater, painting and literature.

I made my first collages in 1993 combining painting techniques with collage itself.

Since 2017, I started another stage of collages incorporating painting, 3D works, monoprints, metals, and embroideries. I work daily on collage, doing 15 per week.

For me to make collage is to embark on an extraordinary journey without knowing the destination or the end.

I work every day with enthusiasm and joy because I know that wonderful surprises await.  It is like I’m a magician who puts his hand in his hat without knowing what the final result will be, but it is always a beautiful result.

I am a fan of the surrealists, especially the Dada group. It seems that they were geniuses inventing a movement that nobody had thought of.

I only work the analog collage, I love manual work of cut and paste, I feel a special connection with that technique.

Collage allows me to open the door to a surreal fantasy world that awakens ideas and images never seen before.
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