a.k.a. mark the cutter
Charlotte, North Carolina, USA


I have been an artist since I was little but never really found my groove or my way but always having fun. About 5 years ago I dabbled in collage but never really knowing the depth of what others were doing, then Covid. Once we were at home more often I began to make more analog collage and eventually I was up to 30-60 pcs a week. I have since made 800-900 pieces in a year and I have enjoyed this immensely. There is so much inspiration and talent on Instagram with artists all over the world, I am amazed every day. I only joined IGgram a year ago but only to show my art. I have traveled the world, Asia, Europe and North America and although I miss that, I am engaged with artists from these very countries and I am AMAZED with the talent each and every day. I also have appreciated PCC featuring some of my pieces, it is humbling and appreciated any time anyone features my art.

I am exhibiting in a 3 month exhibition here in Charlotte, North Carolina, Instagram @fluxgalleries and at Petty Thieves Brewing Company. I have also exhibited in a virtual Argentinia Collage Art Exhibition in May 2021 and I am humbled every day but so grateful for the acceptance in the art community found on IGram. My goal before the end of 2021 is to have produced 1500 analog art pieces. I scavenge estate sales, friends homes and love OLD books and paper. Paper is forgiving and I can receive instant gratification from start to finish with analog collage, I have over 5 decades of brain-purge that is coming out and my art is the result. Enjoy!
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