aka: /DRI:M/ARTZ
based in Saudi Arabia


Prone to escapism from an early age, Michelle finds comfort in the one thing that grounds her to the Real--creating art and shaping her world to fulfill her aesthetic yearnings. Self-taught, her talents cover a broad spectrum, but of late contemporary collage has come front and center, refueling her passion for the medium.

She utilizes her own photography as well as found and digital imagery to create collages that make unexpected connections between line, form, space, and color. Michelle explores these relationships and aims to both engage the viewer in the spontaneous process of finding meaning within the visual landscape and arouse a touch of mystery--this synergy she ultimately desires to achieve is the driving force behind why she creates. In her work, she touches upon themes of spirituality, magic and conjuring, the exploration of the human psyche, confession, art as therapy, and the surreal.

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