Gran Canaria, Spain

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I am on my way to move from an almost-Diogenes tendency to a minimalist approach to life. Collage is the key to such a path. It helps me to declut, filter and bring to a new life what is left over from my Chaos, creating my new Cosmos.

In my collages there is no “premeditation”, they just happen. I find it funny to analyze my own subconscious and see that I’m always prone to social criticism, even if apparently it’s not meant to be like that, at first.


I was born in 1986, when it was legal for children to go out, hang around and get lost. It was legal to play outside and get hands dirty. I was a happy child drawing sad girls. I turned depressive and started breaking dolls and merging them together in strange poses. I didn’t learn how to make art, it just happened, that was how I used to scream.

After graduating in Law and working for several businesses, today I run my own Art Studio. I do tattoos, collages and illustrations. I don’t scream anymore and I’m a happy young woman who makes Cosmos out of her Chaos. I find peace in recycling and expressing my thoughts in several artistic ways. If you ever come to Gran Canaria, you’ll be more than welcome at Knowmadink, where art just happens.
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