happy birthday to us


november 01, 2019

can you imagine it’ll soon be a year? on the 1st of November 2018 we posted the first collage on PCC, and now, almost one year, 40+ weekly challenges and more than 4000 challenge submissions later, PCC is still here.

this started out as just an idea, or rather a wild mix of many ideas. some blatantly stolen, others our own. some of it was well organized from the start, others trial and error let’s figure it out as we go.

never in our wildest dreams did we expect for PCC to grow as much as it did, and for so many incredibly talented people to join and participate. but it did. and we want to thank everyone involved. everyone who listened and encouraged us. everyone who emailed and messaged, often out of the blue and always totally unexpected (these messages really meant more than you can imagine). and of course everyone who joined the challenges and thereby kept and keeps this project alive. it may be a cheesy thing to say, but none of this would be possible without you. thank you.

in the grand scheme of things, one year might not be a lot. in the online and social media world, it starts to be something. not that we need an excuse to celebrate this, because a year is a year is a year. so let’s celebrate!

instead of a birthday collage card, which is what we initially wanted to ask for [you can of course make one of those too if you want], we would like to get to know you better and are asking for a self-portrait collage instead. either use a real photo of yourself as a starting point for your collage, if you want to, or, if you are uncomfortable with that, and we’d totally understand, make something up: one [1] face or full body, not two [2], unless you’re a Gemini or a split personality is your most defining trait, something we’d also very much understand. other than that, as always, almost anything goes. digital, analogue, mixed media or all of the above.

please tag your portraits with #pccbday and add a punchy tagline describing/introducing yourself if you want. your portraits will be shared on Instagram during our anniversary weekend [1st -3rd of November] and here on our website.

if you have any questions, ideas or suggestions for upcoming projects, please get in touch ︎ ︎

if you like what we do, buy us a coffee ︎