New York, USA



I’m an American collage-based artist who grew up in the 60s. Whether we’re drinking Tang or kombucha, burning bras or sexting, watching the Vietnam war on network television or following the latest terrorist attack on Twitter, our culture is constantly repackaging the same themes. Our love of innovation, fascination with violence and shifting definitions of gender identity are inextricably tied to the media. I recontextualize my collection of Mad Men era advertising in an intuitive way with memories and dreams to create a new story. This new story blurs the line between the commercial and the personal, the past and the present, and includes a dash of wit and mystery.


Patti has a BFA in Fine Art and Art History from Arcadia university. After completing her senior thesis on the American collage artist Joseph Cornell she worked for estate cataloging his source materials for what became the Joseph Cornell study center at the Smithsonian. Her primary medium is collage. She annually is selected for the National Collage Society juried show and has won awards for three years. She currently enjoys connecting and collaborating with international collage artists through Instagram. She recently participated in the World Collage atlas exhibition in Belguim and was a member of the The Collage Garden New York team. Recent exhibitions include Women Who Shake things up at The Living Gallery Outpost and Cut/Paste at the Con Artist Collective in New York.

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