Lisbon, Portugal



In a world where everything and everyone is expected to be perfect, we end up many times not acting upon our wishes, for fear of savage criticism. I believe we should feel encouraged to explore our means of expression by accepting imperfection as a potential manifestation of beauty or, at least, as a signpost along our development path towards fulfilment.

My analog collage artwork is the starting point of a journey, the first moment of a season when I commit to venture outside my comfort zone, opening my Self to the feeling of otherness.

The result of the process is a trail of mishaps narrating the dive into the worlds within, with each of my works becoming an apology to imperfection as a storyteller in the creative process.


Pedro Cordeiro finds inspiration in the representational character of language, and challenges himself to a game where contexts are reinvented to produce new meanings while recycling and reusing visual elements.

Born in the Azores in 1975, Pedro Cordeiro has been reading in the Humanities to get in closer contact with his animal nature – and has not yet been disappointed. He trusts in cosmic necessity and dedicates his spiritual being to outism: a state of being away without leaving the spot.

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