Club Lettera
Port Perry, Canada



Italian bred and Canadian born, working as an analog collage artist under the name Club Lettera.

The Club Lettera vision is the brainchild of Robert Aloe. Each work is an open letter reflecting concepts strictly of found items. The envelope is the root of all delivery of these messages and is consistent in each work. The envelope also is not seen as a piece of trash in most cases, but the messenger of this open letter to the viewer. The theme is usually derived by specific musical track and occasionally contain lyrics from those songs.

The works are reflections that evoke everyday moments and can collide into tidal waves. Music can inspire emotions that are not always as intended by the artists. Club Lettera navigates musical expression to channel a more deliberate voice of the message.

No digital content is the bottom line. Envelopes + Music + Analog Expression = Club Lettera.


Robert Aloe is originally trained a professional graphic designer and educator in the design world.

The idea of analog collage was a walkout on the digital medium. Taking inspiration from outside sources, like music.
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