open call in collaboration with Culturala      


Bucharest, Romania



I don’t have any formal training in arts and my creative voyage started with a lot of curiosity and the urge to experiment.

I recently discovered how much I love making collages and I’m very grateful for finding this wonderful form of expression.

In every single collage I create, I try to surpass the boundaries of reality and I perceive it like a journey, a puzzle, a labyrinth of senses that are interconnected on a piece of paper.

The process nurtures my incurable dreamy mind, it allows me to play with my strange ideas and images and it’s a guaranteed receipt for making my heart smile.


Born in Bucharest, Romania and my interest in collages started one year ago, like a pandemic cure and a self discovery route.

I also spend my time painting, creating contemporary jewelry and have a full time job as an IT Recruiter.

I usually either use old (e.g. Art Vivant 1925) images free of restrictions or my own photos.

I collaborate with musicians and have a some projects in the fashion industry on visuals. My work is posted on instagram.
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