Piombino, Tuscany,

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Today more than ever, expressive language communicates the “Zeitgeist” of our times. In From South to North, I bring together different cultural forms in order to stimulate reflection on this subject. Instead of employing a classical documentary method, I use a more creative approach that appeals directly to the viewer’s imagination. Combining photographs allows me to interweave and concentrate images. These are fictions that, like poetry, rely on metaphor and simile to achieve their effects. References, allusions, and analogies create a surreal atmosphere that leads the viewer to another reality—one that may be read only beyond the confines of the photo frame. I feel that a body of work is strongest and most honest when it challenges both the viewer and its creator to consider equally new perspectives and ideas.

Recently I have begun to explore the possibilities of the “digital darkroom.” To date, most work produced digitally has been commercial. Only recently has digitally-produced photography emerged as an art form. I am fascinated by the computer’s ability to synthesize—to weave disparate materials and into a single continuum. This enables the artist to explore in fresh ways both surrealist and post-modern perspectives. Although my working methods have radically altered, my interests remain the same. The content of my previous work has flowed naturally onto the screen and into the images before you.

I enjoy sharing  my experiences with students and collegues. Teaching is for me like a never-ending cycle of giving and taking. 

I offer different creative workshops “ Sea and Art” in Tuscany in 3 languages, german, English and Italian. An introduction to montage, collage and handcolouring of images with daily assessments as well as fieldtrips to tuscan locations.

My imaginary family and guardians are Hannah Hoech, Paul Klee, David Hockney, Robert Rauschenberg and William Kentridge.

From South to North – Sabine Korth 1997

Foto Collage Terapeutico – Sabine Korth (in Italian)


I am a photographer, artist.and workshop leader by day, dream-catcher by night, and this is my website. I am German, live in Italy, in a small seaside town in Tuscany, and I work (play) with collage in different means, my whole life…
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