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Punk gave birth to an art movement that was little appreciated at the time, but soon became influential around the globe. It revolutionized design in ways whose influence is still felt today, and reflected the consciousness of a counterculture with a clarity seldom seen since. From the first 1976 “Ripped and Torn”, “Sniffin’ Glue”or “Ratdraaierszzz” magazines we’ve moved on a long way from the dodgy typewriters, the cutting knives , the tubes of glue and black and white stencil machines. And still it’s not over yet: Art is a powerful tool. That’s why the underground should never hit the surface.
“There’s no authority but Yourself”

BIO is the brainchild of Dutch graphic designer Sander Kuipers, Punkrock- and snowboard-veteran. Born in the Sixties, child of the Seventies and raised in the punkrock counterculture of the early Eighties. In his teens, he was co-founder, designer and publisher of the renown D.I.Y. Punkzine Ratdraaierszzz (1980-1983). This magazine was the starting point for the love of collage and the messthetic rawness of punk graphics.

After these initial artistic adventures, Sander stayed in the underground music scene in the Netherlands for nearly 40 years . Got a job as a teacher at a school for children with learning dissabilities and special needs. On top of that, he was co-founder and graphic designer of several skate-, surf- and snowboard brands before Lyme Disease took a hold on things. After quite some years in decline, was born. An independent platform to be seen as the transformation of a lifelong span of cutting and pasting, mixing media and designing dreamscapes, where glows emerge from the darkness.

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