march 14, 2020

with the whole world on lockdown, a lot of people are having a lot of [alone] time on their hands all of a sudden. a lot of people are also feeling scared, anxious and overwhelmed. two things that don’t necessarily go well together. so we thought – and were asked by some of you – if we could come up with some extra creative projects… to keep you busy and to give those who need or want it an outlet to express their concerns and fears but also hopes and wishes.

for our first “corona special”, we found these two images of the virus, provided by the CDC. and without trying to make light of the situation, we thought we’d ask you to make something pretty out of it, and to put the whole exercise under the motto of DON’T PANIC - taking inspirtation from Douglas Adam’s Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

please post your finished art work on Instagram with the hashtag #pccdontpanic


we are not sure yet what form these extra projects will take, how often or how long they will continue, or in what form or where we will share your contributions. we’ll figure this out as we go, but if you have any ideas or suggestions for further projects, please get in touch.  


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