march 18, 2020

please download image with speech bubble directly from our website! [right click + save image as] original image available via TePapa
hello and welcome to Corona Special #02 - this time we want you to make us laugh!

please download the image directly from our website [right click + save image as] and not from TePapa, and add the text of your choice, plus whatever other, if any, accessories you think this lady needs. nothing [too] inappropriate though. be nice!

please post your finished art work[s] on Instagram with the hashtag #pccdontpanic

a selection of the funniest submissions will be shared here and on Instagram. we won’t be able to share everything, so please DO FOLLOW THE HASHTAG

some, by no means all, of our favourites of Corona Special #01 can be seen here

we try to come up with two to three extra creative projects a week for the hopefully not too many months to come, so if you have any ideas or suggestions for Corona Specials, please get in touch!

also don’t forget that all of our past creative challenges are still available for you to have fun with. all download links should still be working [if not, let us know]

happy collaging. stay save. and watch out for each other…

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