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despite the name and our frequent use of us and we, Paris Collage Collective is actually a one-women labour of love. there are a couple of people contributing here and there, and there are a lot of people encouraging me, but the bulk of the work is done by only one person.

when I started this project, I had no idea where it was heading and what I was getting myself into. all throughout the first few weekly challenges, I was convinced that only a handful of people would join, and that the whole thing would die down within a month or two. now, after almost two years of PCC, and after nineteen months of our – yes our – weekly challenge, I still worry every time I try something new, but the overall feeling is one of relief, gratitude [cheesy, I know], awe, and yes, a little bit of pride too.

every week, you contribute up to 500 submissions to the challenge, and there are quite a few of you who do this faithfully every week. thank you

PCC is self-funded and non-profit. there are no ads and never will be. I am not trying to sell anything either. the aim of PCC was always to connect people, to encourage creativity, to inspire, and to allow people to learn from and with each other. there is power in numbers, but creative community isn’t always easy to come by.

however… running the challenges, updating the website, and looking for collaborations and opportunities take a lot, like a lot of time, and neither the website nor the URL come for free. so if you find any joy or inspiration here, please consider a small donation. buy us a coffee. a coffee and a croissant. a coffee and a chocolate croissant. maybe even a glass of wine... however much you can afford. it would mean more than you can imagine… thank you!

there are two options: you can donate via PayPal below, or, for a one time fixed fee, join our artist directory and become a supporting member [with all the bells and whistles: your own profile on the PCC website, 4-5 photos, your name, link to your website and social media profiles, artist bio and statement, etc.]

if you like what we do
buy us a coffee


PCC will never ever under any circumstances take payments to showcase an artist and their work, so don’t bother trying. there are no extras. no social media features. no artist promotions. nothing. nada. nix. you want to make it into [onto?] our Instagram feed? join the challenge!!! or use our general hashtag and hope for the best. making a donation or becoming a supporting member, even though very, very much appreciated, will not get you any preferential treatment either.


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