Are your challenges really free?

Yes, our challenges are absolutely free and open to everyone.

Can I submit more than one collage to the weekly challenge?

Yes, you can submit as many collages as you want.

What kind of collages do you accept?

We accept almost anything. Analog, digital, mixed media and other kinds of collages are welcome.

I discovered PCC’s weekly challenge just now. Is it too late to join?

Not at all. You can join any time.

I’m not sure I can commit to a weekly challenge. Can I participate only occasionally?

Of course. You don’t need to commit to anything. Just do the challenges you like.

Are your old image prompts still available?

Yes. The download links to old image prompts are available at the top of each individual page (here)

What do I need to do to become a member of PCC?

We are an open artist collective. There are no official membership statuses or requirements. Challenges and Open Calls are free and open to everyone. If you want to become a Supporting Member, you can however join our Artist Directory.

How do you choose the images prompts for the weekly challenge?

Our image prompts come from a variety of sources. They are always copyright free and can be downloaded directly from the site where they have been made available originally.

I’m a photographer and would like to collaborate with PCC. Are you interested in photo submissions to be used as weekly prompts?

Of course. We love to work with other artists. A reasonably sized version of your photo must be available for download from your own website, however.

What’s the difference between your two hashtags?

We started out with #pariscollagecollective as our main hashtag for general collages, and introduced #pariscollageclub for our weekly challenges later on.

By now, we have two Instagram accounts: one dedicated to #pariscollagecollective for collage and mixed media work in general @pariscollagecollective.ultd, and our original account for challenge submissions with #pariscollageclub @pariscollagecollective.

What type of collages do you share on Instagram?

That depends. On our feed, we try to share a representative collection of challenge collages submitted throughout the week. In stories we try to share all of them. If your challenge collage didn’t make it into either feed or story, we either missed it, or it didn’t show up under the hashtag. Both things happen occasionally. If that’s the case, please get in touch.

None of my collages have made it into your feed or story? Does that mean my work isn’t good enough?

Absolutely not! We are not the collage police! We don’t judge, and nothing is ever “not good enough.” If your work remains absolutely unacknowledged, meaning neither likes nor shares, we didn’t see your work. This could be because it is not showing under the hashtag – that happens very occasionally for no apparent reason – or because we simply missed it. We get hundreds of submissions every week and don’t catch everything. Please also keep in mind that if your account is set to private, we don’t see your collages at all, and that we can’t share work from private accounts either.

You liked my challenge submission but didn’t share it to stories. What happened?

If we liked it but didn’t share it, you probably have Resharing to Stories turned off, or your account is set to private.

I sent my collage via Direct Message but you didn’t share it? Why not?

If your collage is not posted on your own IG account, we are not able to share it to either feed or stories since we can’t credit you properly. If your collage is posted on your own account, you either have Resharing to Stories turned off, or your account is set to private.

Do you share weekly challenge submissions on your website?

Yes, we share a selection of submitted work on our website. You can find past challenge contributions here.

The image for the weekly challenge is different from what was on your website a while ago. What happened?

The original image was either no longer available for download or has been taken down after a copyright dispute.

The weekly challenge image has changed. I had already created a collage based on the previous image prompt, can I still post it?

Yes, you can still post it on your account with one or both our hashtags, but depending on why the original image was removed we might not be able to share your collage in neither feed nor story.

If I remember correctly, you used to share all weekly contributions on your website, but this isn’t the case anymore. What happened?

That’s true. For a long time we shared everything submitted to us on our website. We truly appreciate all the beautiful work created, and the idea was to give it a more permanent home than just IG.  But when weekly submissions reached 400, we realized that it’s no longer feasible to collect and add everything to our website. You can find our old challenges here.

I changed my Instagram name and now the links on your website don’t work anymore. Could you change them?

The short answer is NO. There are unfortunately too many people who change their IG names repeatedly, and we can’t keep going back fixing links. The long answer is MAYBE. If you have a good reason, ask nicely, know exactly where the broken links are, and if there aren’t too many, we will try our best to fix them. Once! No changing back later on!

I no longer want my work on your website. Will you remove it?

Of course. Just let us know, and we remove everything as quickly as possible.

Do you collect any data from artists, and if so, what do you do with it?

We don’t consciously or purposefully collect any data, but all digital interactions leave traces (we have your email address when you get in touch with us or subscribe to our newsletter, for example). You can find ourPrivacy Policy here.

Do you run paid artist promotions on your IG feed?

No, we don’t.

Do you do paid product advertisements or promotions on your website or IG feed?

No. We are an artist collective and are not interested in selling anything. We are, however, open to meaningful collaborations with relevant institutions or businesses.


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