Ventimiglia, Italy



“There is always something absent that torments me.” Camille Claudel


I am a writer and a nomad collage artist.

I steal posters from the walls of French cities, I cut out notes taken in transit places where I waited a long time for something to happen. Long waiting and expectations are the fundamental moments of my creation.

In my collages there are traces of Zurich, Paris, Marseille, Bologna, Banja Luka, Bratislava and Odessa. Every single piece has a history, an origin, a fundamental geographical location. I could not work without music sheet and the special glue I always carry with me. In my collages, there are loves, betrayals, minimal joys and pleasures, pains and absences. Every space covered on the surface of the support is the ransom towards an absence. I need this tension as I need borders: Ventimiglia, Trieste, Frejus, Chiasso, Gradiska. There, without a precise identity, in search of the following, I feel free.

One of my "collage on a bookcover" appeared in 1340 ArtMagazine. I studied literature and art history, I spent months and years in the Centre Pompidou in Paris and I lived and worked near La Friche in Marseille, where I sold my first collage to a mysterious charming man. After that, I followed Kasia Avery online courses which were fundamental to understand the value of the creative process itself and the importance of appreciating it.

My guardian ghosts are John Heartfield, Duchamp, Simone de Beauvoir and George Braque.

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