open call in collaboration with Culturala      


Petra Zehner

founder & creative director

Petra Zehner is a graphic artist, illustrator, writer, extroverted introvert, sun worshipper and cat lover. You can find out more about her here.

Puck van Doorn

project coordinator

Puck van Doorn is a visual artist, magazine addict, world traveler and true believer in and totally inspired by power women. Get in touch with her here.

Isabelle Milkoff

event manager

Franco-American artist, Isabelle Milkoff is totally obsessed with collage. A collage herself, she sees the world as a huge collage and she can't help adding more collage into it. Delighted to join the PCC team, she's devoted to using the word collage in every sentence and to making the collage world grow. You can learn more about her work here

Julia Volonts

resident art therapist

Julia Volonts is an avid daydreamer and collage creator with the belief that art-making allows us an opportunity to slow down and visualize the different parts of who we are through imagery. Learn more about her here.

Michelle Concetta

contributing writer

Artist, blogger, and chronic escapist, Michelle Concetta finds beauty in the unexpected and uncomfortable. Find out more about her here.

Alysa Salzberg

contributing writer

Alysa Salzberg is a dreamer, writer, and worrier, among other things. You can read about her adventures here or find out what she’s up to on her website.